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Restorative Dentistry in Cedarhurst

From providing tooth-colored composite fillings to producing quality prosthetics for dental implants, Dr. Alina Bergan delivers long-lasting, natural-looking restorations to strengthen or replace teeth. Our dentist is committed to delivering quality crowns, bridges, and dentures in Cedarhurst and Woodmere to improve the health and beauty of smiles in our community.Cedarhurst dental restorations

Dr. Bergan starts with a comprehensive assessment of your condition. You can count on our dentist to listen carefully to your goals and concerns before clearly explaining your options and their benefits.

There is a difference in traditional and implant-supported restorations. While dentures can always replace full arches of teeth, crowns and bridges serve a different purpose when used in conjunction with dental implants.

Traditional Restorative Solutions

·         Crowns restore a tooth that has been damaged by injury or decay by replicating the visible portion of the tooth, using it as a cap, and sealing it for strength and protection.

·         Bridges replace a missing tooth with the pontic (replacement tooth) secured by crowns placed on healthy adjacent teeth.

·         Dentures provide aesthetic value and return some function to patients who are without most or all of their teeth.

Implant-Supported Restorations

·         Implant-supported Crowns replace a single missing tooth with the support of one implant post

·         Implant-supported Bridges replace a short row of missing teeth with the support of two implant posts.

·        Implant-supported (Hybrid) Dentures replace a full arch of teeth with the support of four or more implant posts

·         Overdentures replace a full arch of teeth but are removable and require the support of as little as two implant posts.

Healing time after implant posts vary but can be between three to six months, depending on whether bone grafting is needed to ensure a successful outcome. Our visiting specialist is highly skilled and experienced in the placement of dental implants and you can usually have your temporary crown or appliance secured to the post the same day. If your existing denture is in good shape, we can modify it to fit two or more implants for an increase in stability and function.

Providing Options for Restorative Dental Solutions in Cedarhurst and Woodmere

Whether traditional restorations are right for you or implant-supported options better meet your needs, you can trust Dr. Bergan to take the same care in evaluating your case, designing your treatment plan, and preparing prosthetics that feel comfortable, look natural, and restore function.

To learn more about your options for crowns, bridges or dentures in Woodmere, Cedarhurst and all of Five Towns, call our dedicated dentist, Dr. Alina Bergan, today!

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